How Low Soars Past 1 Million Streams

American emerging producer and Mickey Valen is back with absolutely amazing new collaboration, this time with Los Angeles-based newcomer singer-songwriter GHITA to release “How Low“, an absolutely amazing and sexy R&B-infused piece with a killer drop that has now reached over 1 million streams on Trap Nation.

The track becomes the second proper release of GHITA’s music career and arrives just a month after the premiere of her first track “HateULoveU“.

“How Low” is expected to be included on her upcoming debut EP, which is expected to be launched sometime soon. The single was released on digital retailers and streaming services on September 13th.

How Low Featured on Indie Shuffle

Why do we like this?
This one is for the fashion bloggers out there -- I support you guys (especially Susie and Bryan). I agree with you that the mean girls over at Vogue magazine's delusionally out-of-touch roundtable discussion, the biggest hypocritical shit show, ever. They should all be put out of their misery.

Anyway, "How Low," is about what people would do for fame. How fucking low would you go to be the next Kim Kardashian? It's about the depths people are willing to go to in order to be famous.

The production, lyrics, delivery and sound-mixing make this song very easy to like. It instantly sounds like something you already know and already have on one of your playlists.  

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GHITA Premieres Her Debut Single on Free Bike Valet

GHITA is fresh popster who was born in Casablanca but now calls Westwood home. Her latest leaked single, “HateULoveU,” off her forthcoming debut EP was co-written with Charlie Snyder and Oktavian and produced by Xela. The result is a trip-pop masterpiece via shivering synths, dope digi-beats, and an arresting neo-R&B delivery.

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How Low Featured on HillyDilly

Mickey Valen is a pop artists' dream producer. The dude was pretty much born to make bangers, and on "How Low", a new collaboration the New York producer has with GHITA, our aforementioned statement is solidified and more. From the second the song hits until its very end, you'll realize it's far beyond your usual piece of pop.

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How Low Featured on PressPlay

One producer who always seems to have a knack for finding and propelling female pop vocalists is Mickey Valen. Today it’s the turn of Ghita, who puts in a star performance on their track How Low – for both of them it’s a bravura performance, Valen’s beats matching Ghita’s fiery lines of “she posed naked for Terry Richardson” blowing the lid off modern fame-hungry types in the most refreshing way you’ll hear all year.

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GHITA Featured on

“un, deux, trois, quatre…”
GHITA may as well be counting herself onto the international radar with her latest single “HateULoveU”, the follow-up to two releases on her SoundCloud in 2015. Although her debut cuts cemented her penchant for earworm choruses, “HateULoveU” sees her melodic finesse executed at its best yet, edging from shimmering pop into slinky RnB territory. The LA-based chanteuse was raised between Spain, Morocco and Switzerland, evidently expanding her palette of samples and percussive tastes. GHITA’s new single pits slow-burning synth lines against measured hooks and her own smokey vocals, to singalong-on-the-first-listen effect.

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GHITA Features Debut Single "HateULoveU"

GHITA is a Los Angeles-based rising popstress who grew up between Spain, Morocco and Switzerland, before moving to Boston to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. HateULoveU is her new single, a electro-pop tune which was produced by Xela and co-written with Charlie Snyder and Oktavian. The track is a slow-burning crescendo adorned with silky synth chords and throbbing bass, blessed by the R&B-tinged alluring singing of GHITA. So so good, trust me.

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